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This close-up of a larger icon shows Christ displaying the hand gesture of a Greco-Roman orator - the one who is speaking or teaching. As is typical of Neo-Coptic icons, He is wearing a white inner garment which is a symbol of His purity and holiness (unblemished and perfect like that of the white of clouds, sheep's wool etc.) but also is a symbol of completeness (i.e. like white light which contains all colours of the spectrum). His outer red garment is a symbol of His blood sacrifice which He endured to give us of Himself in the Eurcharist. In His halo is a 3-pronged cross, which is a feature reserved only for Christ Himself in our iconography. Each prong of the cross is made up of 3 lines reminding us of the work of the Trinity in bringing us the saving grace of the cross. 

Face of Christ

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