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Online Video Course

£39 /year

Signing up to our online course gives you immediate, on-demand access for a year to the tutorial videos and resources. In the videos we show the techniques of drawing faces, hands, simple clothing and bodies in Neo-Coptic Iconography, as well as offering tutorials in painting using traditional egg tempera. There are also lectures in the meaning and history of Coptic iconography. We also provide you with tutorial drawings to download and print at home. 

The course is set at beginner level, giving you the opportunity to start from scratch, with no previous experience required. The course aim is to help you develop the initial drawing and painting skills and the understanding required to complete authentic Coptic Icons*. Your annual subscription will renew automatically (giving you access to all future content that will be added) unless cancelled.

what's icluded
What's included...

Drawing the face of a young Christ frontally



Drawing turned faces

(2 x 23mins)


Drawing hands



Drawing faces, hands and clothes together, St Mary



Drawing faces, hands and clothes together, Christ



Drawing full length figures



Lecture; the purpose and meaning of icons


coming soon

Lecture; the history of the Coptic style


Painting the Icon - Part 1



Painting the Icon - Part 2



Painting the Icon - Part 3 (a + b)

(42mins + 26mins)


Tutorial drawings to print


Any new content will be announced promptly to our members. Please do let us know what you'd like to see by emailing us.

*This course only covers a beginner-level understanding of Coptic Iconography and does not cover how to develop skills to an intermediate or advanced level. To join one of our beginner-level painting courses please use the sign up form on our 3-day Icon Courses page.

To develop your skills to a more advanced level please contact us to discuss opportunities for study.

Q) I don't live in the UK, and it's really far for me to travel to. Can I still do the course?

A) Yes, absolutely. The videos in this course are pre-recorded so you can watch them from wherever you like and at any time during your subscription. This is not a course that you have to attend in person or travel to.

Q) I've signed up to the course - now how do I access the videos on the course? 

A) Members who have paid for the course can access the videos by either:

1) clicking here
2) clicking the button at the top of this page that says 'members click here to access the course videos...'

3) clicking their name at the top of the website and then choosing My Account>Online Icon Course

Q) Will there be videos added later that show how to paint clothes and different saints? 

A) In the future we intend to add more content that helps students of this course develop their skill and experience. Because of this, it is possible that we will be adding videos that teach students how to paint clothing and other features in the icon. In the meantime, we strongly recommend mastering the drawing tutorials and the simple painting tutorials since these are the basis for any painting. 



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