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Download our 4th series of 17 icons turned into colouring sheets for children. An opportunity to discover with your children the wonder of Jesus' incarnation and ministry through icons. Download our VOLUME 1 colouring book by clicking HERE for even more images to discover!

Colouring sheets for children VOLUME 4 (17-pages)

  • Anastasis (The Descent into Hades) 3
    Anointing of King David
    Christ calms the storm 2
    Christ the crossbearer
    Jesus prays in Gesthemane
    Last Supper 8
    Nativity 2
    Parable of the 10 virgins
    St Anthony the Great
    St Katherine of Alexandria
    St Mary Magdalene
    St Mary of Egypt 2
    St Paul in prison
    St Philip baptises the Ethiopian Eunuch
    The Repentant Woman
    Wedding of Cana 2
    Widow and 2 mites

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