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Download our 3rd series of 17 icons turned into colouring sheets for children. An opportunity to discover with your children the wonder of Jesus' incarnation and ministry through icons. Download our VOLUME 1 colouring book by clicking HERE and even our VOLUME 2 colouring book for even more images to discover!

Colouring sheets for children VOLUME 3 (17-pages)

  • Archangel Michael
    Christ and the children
    Christ calms the storm
    Christ Enthroned
    Christ walking on water
    Daniel and Habbakuk
    Eve and Mary
    Isaiah in the temple
    Jacob blesses Joseph's sons
    Ruth and Boaz
    St Abanoub
    St Luke
    St Macarius covers the sins of his brother
    St Mary the Unburnt Bush
    St Mina and Pope Kyrillos
    St Moses the strong
    Theophany 2


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