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As in almost all icons of Christ, He raises His right hand as the Greek Orator/teacher and is dressed in His usual white and red clothing, denoting His divinity (white) and His blood sacrifice (red). In this icon He holds the open gospel which shows the Coptic letters ‘Alpha’ and ‘Omega’. These are respectively the first and last letters of the alphabet and are references to Christ’s words in Revelation ‘I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last.’

You may notice that the carpet on which Christ rests his feet does not follow natural perspective. Instead of following the natural order of the world the carpets and even the ground in other icons are flattened so that the general style of the icons focuses our attention away from the natural order and beauty of this passing world, to the everlasting spiritual beauty of the Kingdom. You may notice that this also follows the style in which Ancient Egyptian painters used to produce their temple and tomb imagery; backgrounds would be removed or flattened in favour of plain gold backgrounds and 2-dimensionality.


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Christ Enthroned 2

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