Fadi Mikhail, (born 1984) is an Egyptian-English painter and a graduate from the world-renowned Slade School of Fine Art, University College London (UCL).


In 2013, Fadi was commissioned by Royal Mail to produce an Icon of Christ and St Mary for their £1.88 Christmas stamp. Fadi was also commissioned by the Coptic Church to produce 2 icons for HRH Prince of Wales who visited The Coptic Church Centre on 17 Dec 2013.


Even before focusing on iconography, his work has always been semi-abstract and figurative, with close links to both German expressionism and English romanticism. His paintings have been exhibited in such venues as The British Museum, The Royal College of Art and Westminster Cathedral in London, but most find their way to private and domestic collections.


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Further to his studies at The Slade, Fadi was apprenticed by the father of Neo-Coptic Iconography - the late Professor Isaac Fanous - in California USA. Professor Fanous was undoubtedly one of the most inspiring figures in Fadi's development as a painter.


Fadi also claims a great love for the old English romantic painters such as Samuel Palmer and John Piper. He claims his greatest current inspiration, however, is found in the late stained-glass artist
Ervin Bossanyi.


In his spare time he is an active and experienced musician; performing as a singer, guitarist and percussionist, as well as conducting a choir in Hertfordshire.



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